Question by  Porthos (20)

Does Gameshark work for GBA?


Answer by  raz (130)

Yes, Gameshark has cheats for the Game Boy Advance. They may be a little difficult to find now that the market has switched to the DS.


Answer by  Xceptional (642)

I believe it does. This is a fairly broad questions, there are many different types and brands of what you're looking for, I would suggest visiting your local electronics and consulting with an expert.


Answer by  jawedge (238)

There are gameshark devices available for the GBA. It works on both the gba and the DS and DSlite in the GBA slot. however, they do not work on the DSi or the DSixl, as those do not have GBA slots.


Answer by  skdo (113)

It does if you get a Gameshark made for GBA. There are a variety of different Gameshark products available, each meant for different consoles or handhelds. It should also be noted that it may or may not be compatible with GBC games, the PS2 Gameshark is not with PS1 games.


Answer by  afree01 (128)

Gameshark works perfectly on the Gameboy Advance. The only necessary thing is to make sure the model of Gameshark you purchased supports GBA as they are not universal.


Answer by  techjunkie (47)

Yes. Good luck finding one, though. I suggest looking on Amazon or eBay or some other site that sells that kind of stuff. If you can find a new one it should come with a code book and instruction manual.

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