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Question by  apple (447)

Does counting calories work?


Answer by  philosophy (243)

I lost 40 pounds almost two years ago, and have kept it off. Counting calories is not hard once you get a hang of it, yes, it works. You simply have to be vigilant and keep on top of it... Just write down the calories of everything you eat - everyday!

Reply by quadratic (73):
Congratulations on your weight loss! For me, the most important thing was to write it down... its not so much that I would forget, but the process of writing it down helps keep you on top of everything, it keeps the task in the front of your mind.  add a comment

Answer by  spidersong (27)

For me, counting calories has been very effective. It makes you consciously look at what you are eating everyday. Also, knowing that you will have to write down what you eat can make you choose to eat less. A great calorie tracker was created by the USDA and is free online. It is called 'My Pyramid Tracker.'


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

if by "counting calories" you mean ensuring that you are eating fewer calories than you burn, then yes, absolutely you will lose weight. once you get a hang of it, counting calories is surprisingly easy - the harder part is avoiding tempting foods.

Reply by onecrore (196):
I lost weight counting calories, but the hardest part was keeping it off after I reached my target weight. Its less exciting to maintain than it is to lose. I got a hang of it, but dieters should know that reaching your target weight is NOT the finish line.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

Worked for me. Yes, it is a hassle but eating about 700-900 calories a day works.


Answer by  blahblah (670)

Depends on how you mean 'work'. If you consume fewer calories, you will lose weight. But calorie-counting diets are not very effective. People don't like to keep food logs or look up the calorie counts of what they eat. So my answer is yes and no.


Answer by  Anonymous

It has worked for me.


Answer by  shego (255)

Counting calories does work as long as the calories you do consume are quality and not empty. Dieting by counting calories and watching what you eat will account for 80% of your weight loss. The other 20% comes from exercise and weight training.

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