Question by  wally5 (16)

Does Avast Antivirus work?

I'm suspicious of "free" antivirus programs.


Answer by  magicmanjl (47)

I use Avast Antivirus and love it. It's more accurate than Norton and McAffee. However, it does show a pop-up ad for it's paid version whenever it updates.


Answer by  Jilly (597)

Avast Antivirus does work - but it's been said that you get what you pay for. The same as with other free antivirus solutions such as AVG, the programs are incredibly helpful but do have their limits. Try a few different antivirus programs to see which one you like best.


Answer by  Felix88 (74)

In my humble opinion avast antivirus is the best out there and I have been using the free home edition for several years now. One of the best features is the built in script blocker which stops malicious software from automatically downloading itself onto your computer without your concent. Avast will warn you of the impending infection and wisk youtosafety.

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