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Question by  superrosesmom (52)

Does anyone sell a winemaking kit?

I want to try making my own wine.


Answer by  WineLvr (7)

There are several websites that sell winemaking kits. You will need to purchase basic equipment and ingredients. Check out Grapestompers for a list of brands and the manufacturers that carry winemaking kits for the type of wine you are interested in making. Average prices range from $65.00 to $130.00.


Answer by  joinme123 (40)

Winemaking kits are available online as well as in some liquor stores. Making a trip to a local winery might help you find a kit.


Answer by  wino78 (5)

Yes, you can purchase many different types of winemaking kits. Most include a fermenting bucket, rubber bottle stoppers, bottles, labels, and all the other necessary items needed to bottle wine.

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