guinea pigs


Question by  YahoooSearch20 (28)

Do you need to give a guinea pig a bath?

Or are they like cats and bathe themselves?


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

In a large, well-maintained cage they might never need one. Some need an occasional "butt-bath" or long butt-hair trim to keep tidy. Other pigs need baths a few times a year. When bathing only use a couple inches of water, safe shampoo like gorgeous guineas and never wash their faces. Be careful about attempts to jump out of the sink/tub.


Answer by  babyfordawn1983 (15)

Guinea pigs can have baths about once a month or so. Although, there really isn't a reason to give them a bath and you have to be careful when bathing them because they can get cold very quickly.

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