Question by  livluvlaf (30)

Do pot bellied pigs grow tusks?


Answer by  sooner (22)

All pigs have tusks, which are their canine teeth. However, just because all of them have it does not mean that the teeth will grow out of the pig's mouth (there are factors at play here, such as genetics and sex) which is where the danger lies. The teeth could fail to reach beyond the mouth, and not show.


Answer by  izzabizzal (58)

All pigs grow up to have tusks. This includes pot bellied pigs. Even girl pot bellied pigs grow tusks but they are very small and they hardly ever get large enough to stick out of the mouth of the pig. Male neutered pigs will have tusks that grow long enough to stick out from the mouth.


Answer by  MrsEricson (57)

Both sexes of pot bellied pigs can grow tusks. Tusk growth in a sow (female pig) will be minimal, amounting to approximately the same size as her teeth. Neutered males can grow tusks as large as intact males, but the growth will not be as rapid. Boars (male pigs) will grow tusks large enough to protrude from their mouths.


Answer by  Grallf (97)

Both male and female pot bellied pigs will grow tusks, usually when they are around three years old. The female's will tend to be small and stay in the mouth. The male however will have tusks that can be seen outside the mouth, these can be trimmed by a vet under anaesthesia if they become a problem.

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