Question by  Lanie (17)

Do bi-cultural marriages work?

I am American and my husband is Arab.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

They can work as long as both individuals are willing to put in the effort. Both sides of the couple must accept the fact that members of their families or culture will dislike the choice of marriage. It will be difficult but they can most definitely work as long as both parties try to make it work.


Answer by  cwarren (21)

Absolutely yes. Bi cultural marriages should work. Marriage success, I believe, is measured by personality types of the people in the relationship, not the surrounding culture. True, cultures do influence the relationship, but if the people truly love one another, these differences should not matter. It may be a romantic way to look at things, but marriage is purely subjective.


Answer by  Shabu (70)

I think there is no unusual thing in bi-cultural marriage. You can make good marriage life with mutual understanding. You can follow both culture of Arab and America.

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