Question by  dev49 (47)

Do Barbie dolls only come in two colors?

Or is there a Chinese Barbie, an Indian Barbie, etc.


Answer by  Bob1006 (169)

Barbie dolls come in three colors - Light, dark, and brown. The light skin ones represents all Caucasians with variations of blonde, red, and brunette hair. Dark skin ones are African Americans. The brown coloring ones can be any Asian flavors and more, i.e. including American Indians, Asian Indians, and Mexicans.


Answer by  Sett (1838)

They have The World Festivals Of The World Barbie dolls that have Barbies from all different countries. A really beautiful Barbie is the Chinese New Year doll. She is a Chinese woman wearing a red dress, and the Indian Barbie from The World Festivals is wearing a magenta dress with accents of gold.


Answer by  Emmanforsure (12)

No it have at least 10,000,000 million color. !

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