Question by  scott56 (15)

Can you trust computer game reviews?


Answer by  Danielle2480 (247)

Reviews of computer games, like any other consumer products, are all in the eyes of the beholder, or user in this case. There are several hard core computer gaming sites on the internet that can give you feedback on the game but be sure that the users have similar tastes as you.


Answer by  LexiP (722)

If it's by a large company, I personally wouldn't trust it because they only spend so much time reviewing the game, so they might not understand it completely.


Answer by  BrandonAllin (968)

A review of any kind of product is more often than not based on personal preference, unless otherwise stated. The best you can do is read the review, take their thoughts into consideration, and form an educated opinion for yourself. Don't let critics decide what you like and don't like.


Answer by  jugermaut (89)

It depends. You can look for the source of the reviews. Usually reviews from trusted sites such as gamespot or IGN have their experts to rate the games, and mostly can be trusted.

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