Question by  devinderkumarsharma (12)

Can you troubleshoot my car alarm that is not working after replacing the battery?

I replaced my battery and now my car alarm will not work.


Answer by  Hellhammer (131)

Your remote may have a dead battery. Sometimes you can disconnect the vehicles neg. terminal on the battery then reconnect to reset the alarm. Also many car alarms have a fail safe that needs to be reset after a battery change. Check with the alarms manufacturer to get instructions on how to do this as it varies.


Answer by  Samhane (703)

Replacing your battery should have no impact to a car alarm or not. One of the best troubleshooting steps would be to put back into place your old battery. If it is not working the first step would be to validate that it is receiving power. The second would be to validate it has a solid ground.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

If i had to take a wild guess I'd say that your car alarm broke down when the battery was changed because a fuse was blown. Locate the fuse that corresponds to your car alarm and switch it out with a working one to test it. If this doesn't fix it you might have to take it to a dealership.


Answer by  daly (125)

Yes you can troubleshoot your car alarm that is not working after replacing the battery. When you replaced battery, alarm usually automatically sets off. You need to find alarm box somewhere around the engine, and set it on again. That should solve your problem.


Answer by  pamnyogi (159)

I think that you need to reset your car computer. You can follow either your car owners manual or car alarm manual instructions.

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