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Question by  Joe49 (4)

Can you suggest where I might be able to find a Catbert doll?

It's a character from the Dilbert comics.


Answer by  SGividen (652)

There are a number of online retailers and auctions sites to search for specific comic related paraphernalia. Also try contacting the publishing company to see where they have retail items featuring characters from Dilbert comics. You may want to check novelty stores that specialize in off-beat items at your local mall.


Answer by  riddleguy (12)

You can find one on ebay selling for about twenty dollars. It is being sold by a top rated seller. That's probobly the best way to get one. I would act fast before somebody else buys it. If do not want to buy online then you can always try garage sales.


Answer by  MrProper (5)

You can find it easily on amazon or ebay. There are a big choice of the plush dolls. You will definitely find what you are looking for.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

I would check amazon they might have something like that. You could also check ebay, too. Otherwise you could always check froogle. All of those places might have one that you can get.

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