Question by  Lanwanman (90)

Can you go deer hunting with a 307 Winchester?


Answer by  mrsshelast (899)

You certainly can go hunting with a 307 Winchester, but it is totally worth it to upgrade to a 308 to get that extra bit of efficiency.


Answer by  cecil (61)

You can go hunting with a 307 as it will shot true everytime and feels good in your hands. The lever action is a little sticky.


Answer by  itsacanofcorn (34)

Yes you can go hunting with a 307 Winchester. It should be able to take down a deer. People have been hunting and taken down a deer with a 22.


Answer by  banecar (39)

Yes you can beacuse this is a very good winchester and its apropriate for dear hunting!I recomend it for dears!

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