Question by  Dianamite (109)

Can you give me some tips for playing Veridian Room?


Answer by  Varsala (7)

Be sure to check nooks and crannies, since some items tend to be hidden behind or beneath other objects. Examples would be finding items underneath a blanket, beneath the dustbin, or behind a curtain. Some objects in the room might have multiple points on where to click them, thus leading to other ways to check for items.


Answer by  Lepi (314)

Like most room escape games, and the other games in this series, every puzzle can be solved by clicking on every object in the area at least one. Click the space between objects and the walls, shadows, and cracks as well as vents.


Answer by  Bella1121 (106)

The best tip is patience. Sometimes you have to view everything a couple of times before you find what you are looking for. Leave no book unmoved or rug unturned.

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