who is


Question by  carhs (63)

Can you give me some facts about Mike Caro?

I know he plays poker.


Answer by  october (178)

Other thank playing poker Mike Caro is also known for writing books about poker. Some of his past work include: The Body Language of Poker, Gambling Times Official Rules of Poker,Gambling Times Quiz Book, Odds Quick and Simple, Professional Hold'em Play by Play, and Poker at the Millennium by Mike Caro & Mike Cappelletti.


Answer by  sublimanic (19)

He got eliminated from WSOP. he's called "the mad genius of poker".the worlds biggest person on poker strategy, psychology, and statistics. He was born May 16 1944. He is interested in politics. He written or helped write at least six rule books. he is also acknowledged as a leader in promoting honesty in gambling.

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