Question by  Advisor (1032)

Can you give me some cheats for Conker's Pocket Tales game?


Answer by  eryxon (5)

In this game if you want to restore you're health save the game when critical and then reload the saved game. For bonus music like Donkey Kong Land and Donkey Kong Country, just stop playing the game but without pausing i, then you can hear the theme songs.


Answer by  Proth (155)

Action Replay Codes: Iinvincible 0104D6CE Infinite Conkers sling shot 0105D9CE 8 presents 0108E1CE 99 secret presents 0163E2CE Have 4 party invites 0104E0CE Have Slingshot 010160C4 Have Saw 010161C4 Have Bag 010162C4 Have pan 010163C4 Have Gold Bar 010164C4 Snorkle Mask 010165C4 Have Gold Coin 010166C4 Torch 010167C4 Pick Axe 010168C4


Answer by  DVST8 (22)

Conker's Pocket Tales health Save the game when low health. Then reload game. (If Game Boy loads a game that has been saved by Game Boy Color, file will be deleted.)

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