Question by  heartography (13)

Can you give me a recipe for caramel apples using Kraft caramels?

I heard you can just melt them, but don't know if I need to add other stuff.


Answer by  amysgriffin (34)

You need to add 2 TBS of water to the caramel. Melt caramel in a double boiler over medium heat.


Answer by  NHanselman (144)

I would highly suggest melting them in a double-boiler. As well, this time of year, many specialty food retailers (like Whole Foods Market) carry kid-friendly, microwavable caramel apple wraps.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Melt 1/2 stick of butter then add the caramels. While everything is still hot put an apple on a stick and dip into mixture and cool on parchment paper.


Answer by  Lisa86 (79)

You can melt them in a double boiler. Be careful not to burn it. You don't have to add anything. You can add things for a twist if you like though like chopped nuts and such.


Answer by  tor (66)

You just need 5 medium apples, 1 bag (11 oz) Kraft caramel bits and 2 tbsp. water. You can actually roll caramel apples in a variety of coatings.

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