Question by  PaulBlart (19)

Can more than one person play Harry Potter Online?

Do you think this game is fun?


Answer by  Aaron20 (71)

First off only one account can be created for a new player so in order for more then one person to play it they need to register on a separate computer. Also the game is somewhat fun but it does lack a few things and needs to be cleaned up.


Answer by  SDLMAD (22)

Yes it can, because it is online which makes it for more then one person. I think it is fun and creative. I like the graphics and the actions and can do. I would recommend it to others to play.


Answer by  vathana (127)

One of the most famous online group games is harry potter online gaming. People playing this are crazy to win the scores.They play very tactfully. We can play harry potter game online joining a group online. It's fun.


Answer by  Chaps (21)

Well Like any online game, Harry Potter Online is played by many people at one time. But not using the same computer or Disc.


Answer by  Blake92 (85)

If the game is a multiplayer game then yes more than one can play, if only single (1 player) than no.


Answer by  Mag3 (3)

Yes i think more persons can play the game online and game is pretty fun if you can do in game what you can see in movie it must be fun

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