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Question by  arunil (66)

Can I use apple cider vinegar to treat a dog's injured paw?


Answer by  Captainkitty (23)

You should always consult a Veterinarian before any at home treatments. Using apple cider vinegar could potentially cause tissue damage but can reduce the amount of bacteria in the wound.


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

Well, you could but it might not make any difference. I would contact a vet to find out exactly what is needed to be done to help the dog. Depending on what is wrong with the dog's paw, other things might be much more effective. Or perhaps just keeping the area clean and dry.


Answer by  jessie (12)

I don't see why apple cider vinegar would ever a hurt a dog because it is edible and natural. However, it may be an old Wive's Tale used, but it's probably worth a shot!


Answer by  Businesslady85 (32)

It depends on the injury. If there is serious damage to the paw, no. But many holistic vets recommend the use of apple cider vinegar to soothe skin irritations and help the healing process.

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