Question by  Zoi (27)

Can I sell my car to the government?


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

No you can't sell your car directly to the government and if you did, you wouldn't get a lot for it. But yes you can sell your car to any garage or car dealer. You can also sell your car on any major online website and make lots of money in the making.


Answer by  H797H (157)

You cannot sell your car directly to the government as most government organizations use fleet vehicles that they more or less buy in bulk from the vehicle manufacturer. In addition, these fleet vehicles are American cars; in other words you would rarely if ever see a government official driving their government vehicle made by Toyota, or Volvo and etc.


Answer by  KWags1977 (427)

No, the government does not buy automobiles directly from people. You could of traded in your car for a government stimulus plan bonus to buy a more fuel efficient car. This offer called Cash For Clunkers is now over. You can donate your car to a local charity and use it as a tax write off if you wish.


Answer by  J65 (65)

The answer is most likely no. The government makes deals with U.S. automakers such as GM or Ford, and purchases the cars new. Even if you could sell your car to the government however, it would be a wiser choice to sell it locally. You would get way more money that way.


Answer by  dev (35)

yes it is possible if you have all documents clear and the government also buys cars from us for service works example police,govt can consult some government authorities before you are entering into it ,because it is very confidential and it involves certain risks take correct decision.bai


Answer by  Branwyn (50)

You cannot sell your car to the government. While many agencies will take donated cars, the government is not the market to buy cars.

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