Question by  ginny68 (118)

Can I download Transformer games?


Answer by  Brooke007 (21)

Yes you can certainly download Transformer games, there are several out there to choose from. You can find free downloads or some that may have a low cost. Just as with any game make sure it is age appropriate, from a trusted web site, and that you computer meets the requirements for the download.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

You can download Transformer games online at . This site has a 4-star rating and good graphics as does . Search online for more sites.


Answer by  Proficient (30)

No, you cannot download Transformer games legally on the internet. You must purchase the software either online or at your local store.


Answer by  Drakendor (6)

Of course you can, except that's illegal.. you should go straight to a store or some sort. Piracy isn't going to get you anywhere. Imagine you'd make a movie, and then not winning a single quarter for it? It's bad isn't it? Just buy it, it's even faster than waiting to download

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