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Question by  sonja (15)

Can dental anesthesia cause shaking or tremors?


Answer by  JuliaJolie (415)

It's uncommon, but dental anesthesia can cause light shaking due to anxiety or possibly a mild allergic reaction. It's caused by the reaction to the adrenaline or epinephrine that's included in a local dental anesthetic. It also lowers your blood pressure, which would induce shaking. Strong tremors should not happen.

posted by Anonymous
I went to the dentist 2 days ago for fillings. After the first 3 shots I started having tremors. I wasn't that mild. The dentist had to stop working on me for a while my teeth were chattering so. He said it was caused by the epinephrine getting into atery.  add a comment

Answer by  ratnam (150)

Since dental anesthesia effect nerves,it may cause giddiness or tremors in some people.Sometimes bloodpressure may be lowered.Anesthesia causes numbness in that particular area for a few hours.


Answer by  gaviegirl (23)

Dental anesthesia such as lidocaine or novocaine should not cause shaking or tremors. If the reaction is localized then it is possible that there was nerve damage and you should return to your dentist ASAP.


Answer by  Jennifer78 (56)

I am assuming that you are talking about nitrous or general anesthesia? The short answer is that, yes, it is possible.


Answer by  Anonymous

I'm not sure this is what you're referring to, but I underwent general anesthesia. I don't know what specifically was used, but I was shivering upon regaining consciousness. (I'd had my wisdom teeth extracted. )


Answer by  Anonymous

I have had that happen too. I feel shakey on the inside but today at my appt. my hands shook and i couldn't write. It takes a few min. to calm down but it does stop


Answer by  Anonymous

I had local anesthesia for my dental appointment today and I had a reaction for the very first time today. I was shaking uncontrollably for 15 minutes! I hope this does not happen ever again! very scary!

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