Question by  Will (19)

Can box turtles shells rot?

I found a shell from a box turtle and would like to keep it in my room but am afraid it will rot and smell.


Answer by  busymomof1 (83)

If in good condition the shell itself will not rot and smell after it has been cleaned thoroughly. Problems with smell will only occur if there is still some flesh somewhere on the shell. Boiling the shell might be helpful as well. Turtle shells have be used for decorations, jewelry and crafting for a long time.


Answer by  Mike59 (139)

Yes shells can rot. It is caused by the growth of fungus or bacteria which invades the shell through small cracks or cuts. If you see any cracks you should apply an antibiotic cream. You should also remove daily any leftover food and change the water frequenity so bacteria and fungus doesn't grow.

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