Question by  TiffanyVilla (23)

Are you scared of "Big One" earthquake?

I want to move to LA but everyone keeps talking about the Big One coming/


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

There is really no way to predict earthquakes, so it does not make much sense to worry about them. There are some people who claim to be able to predict with some certainty when an earthquake may occur, but this has not been scientifically proven to be accurate as of yet.


Answer by  mcreents (102)

I am not scared of the "Big One" whatsoever. An earthquake or any other natural disaster is just that, a natural disaster. no matter where you live you will encounter any sort of "natural disaster", you might as well live under a rock in the ocean, however you will still have to deal with some sort of problem, like sharks?


Answer by  CLEV (405)

Having lived in the Los Angeles area for many years of my life, this concept was one that was heard many times. But honestly, a true Californian isn't too worried.


Answer by  jamie11 (604)

I am very nervous of any type of earthquake. I have been in an area when one shook the ground and it is very nerve racking. I would, myself, not move to LA or California based on that one is eventually going to happen. Just no one really knows when.

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