Question by  ksimmonds (8)

Are there any special rules for badminton indoors?


Answer by  Hurricanejerry (16)

The rules are the same as outdoors but because shots can be lobbed quite high, a 30-foot-height clearance is recommended. Competitive badminton is played on indoor courts.


Answer by  lauralei (6)

There are no specific rules for playing badminton indoors, but the bird hitting any indoor surface such as wall or ceiling takes it out of play.


Answer by  rileyclark (22)

The rules are the same, unless low ceiling or objects could interfere, the rule on a serve is a re-do and play off the objects with all other play.


Answer by  ttownbeast (341)

There are no special indoor rules for badminton, in fact it is nicer to play indoors because you don't have to adjust your playing for random breezes effecting the birdie.

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