Question by  twinkleyes (131)

Are Reader Rabbit's learning lessons really educational?


Answer by  HomeschoolMom4 (127)

Yes. And no. Software's usefulness is limited when it comes to TEACHING new skills. The teaching strategy/approach isn't easily 'adjusted' for the learner. In skills that just need lots of practice, however, (adding, phonemes, sequencing, etc.) such programs are terrific motivators. Many kids like Reader Rabbit as a game.


Answer by  clbrown81 (20)

Yes, Reader Rabbit teaches lessons in a way the audience intended can make sense of and understand. If prepared and used properly Reader Rabbit can be an excellent tool to assist in the learning process. It is my understanding that the children are able to take in the information and grasp the concepts without realizing it at first.


Answer by  yael (482)

Yes, Reader Rabbit will help your child with letters, words, and reading. It is an interactive program full of colors and sounds which will grasp a child and encourage them to begin reading at a beginning level.


Answer by  tcat (769)

I believe that children can practive using reading skills in a method that they relate to and enjoy. They can practice numerous times over the same skills. WHere as the child may be bored doing this in the traditional way.

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