Question by  redmamaof5 (188)

Are Noblet clarinets worth the money?

I want to buy one for my daughter.


Answer by  whitneysit (6)

Noblet clarinets will suffice for a beginner player for their first two years or so, but later your child's ability will overcome the ability of Noblet clarinets. I recommend that you get a Buffet E11 and when your child need a Professional one to attain a Buffet R13. They are quite worth the money, but the price is pretty high.


Answer by  kfelicetti (235)

Yes, if your daughter is already a decent clarinet player, it is worth the money. It is an intermediate line of clarinet with a gorgeous warm sound. If you really want to buy her a nice gift, get her a vintage Noblet clarinet, from the 1960s or 1970s. They are beautiful.


Answer by  worker2565 (44)

Yes, depending on the age of your daughter and whether she will take care of it though, because they are sensitive to water damage, especially if made out of wood.


Answer by  Narada (38)

Assuming your daughter is fairly young and only beginning to learn the clarinet, it is an excellent choice. The Noblet clarinet is a great choice for students.


Answer by  mgoodman (204)

I won't pretend to know Noblet, but a child beginning on a woodwind like clarinet should look to Bundy, Conn, or Selmer. The first instrument gets beat up a great deal, and a second instrument is worth more of an expense. Student models are in the $200 to $400 range.


Answer by  ktbirdfly (90)

There are several websites that boast the sound and durability of this instrument however, it is more expensive than other brands.Buying this used is the recommended option for this instrument.


Answer by  Dahloan (294)

They are expensive, but not listed as a top clarinet. Some of the top are Buffet, Selmar and Yamahoo. My daughter had a yamahoo which was economical and good.


Answer by  iteach (63)

Yes, a Noblet clarinet would be good for your daughter. They have a wonderful tone, and can be bought and refurbished (pads, keys, etc.), giving you an excellent value.


Answer by  cklight (327)

Noblet clarinets are generally worth the money in my view. Depending on your price range, you may want to find an older model Noblet clarinet, since they manufactured these older versions with better wood and may have taken more time with the details.


Answer by  worker1744 (141)

LeBlanc makes the Noblet clarinets, and they are well made instruments. I would say yes, they are worth the money, but if just starting out, look for good used condition.


Answer by  hey (6)

No you should not buy a noblet clarinet for your daughter. Buy a normal clarinet so she can get good with it.


Answer by  MPX (171)

It depends on how good the musician is, if the musician is a beginner then the instrument must be at its level, If the musician has at least four to five years playing the instrument then it would be a good choice to acquire a better instrument.

posted by Anonymous
It should not depend on how many years the musician is playing - that has "very" little to do with what level instrument they use. The level of the musicians committment and care of the instrument and whether you want something of "value" are what a good decision is based.  add a comment
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