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Question by  KAnne (9)

Are JVC TVs worth buying?


Answer by  worker8274 (43)

JVC televisions are economically priced units that are worth the investment when you are short on cash. You should remember though, that you get what you pay for.


Answer by  rabbui (275)

As a consumer, I have not had good luck with the JVC brand. Stick to a better brand like a Sony or a Panasonic.


Answer by  RobertDiNunzio (33)

The camcorder I use is a JVC and it's easy to use,great picture quality and was bought for a decent price! I would assume a television by this company is well made and able to meet or beat the other brands regarding the width of the screen,sound clarity,high definition and affordability. Definitely worth the money!


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

JVC televisions are worth buying. They are comparable to Panasonic, Sony and LG manufacturers. I've have a JVC television for years and its worked great.


Answer by  Kimberly (253)

Only if you want a second TV for say the kids or out in the garage that is not expensive.But always remember what you are buying and the quality.So No.


Answer by  Workathomemom (146)

My husband used to work at Circuit city and swears by JVC. We have had ours for about 7 years and it still is going strong, so I say yes.


Answer by  zackf (105)

JVC is a company with a pretty good worldwide reputation. However, I would advise checking out some other brands first.


Answer by  aofia (154)

Yes. JVC Tv's are worth buying because of its excellent quality. They are one of the most modern technology suppliers when it comes to audio-visual. Well worth its cost.


Answer by  bob6518 (319)

That depends a lot on what you want. JVCs are not high end and aren't known for being great TVs, but they are a known brand and are decent quality.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well it really depends on which exact model you are referring to. That is a decently good brand. I'm sure it is a better quality brand than some cheaper tv's however it definitely isn't a high end tv brand. I would look up whatever model you are interested in buy on a consumer research site.


Answer by  timbucktoo (350)

I would stay away from them. I used to work retail TV and we had JVCs being returned all the time. Common complaints were fuzzy picture, bad cable connections, and terrible customer service with the 1-800 number people would call with their problems. I never heard anything good about them. Avoid it.


Answer by  FERRARi (1)

In my opinion, yes! They make TVs which are a good price for their performance. In other words, JVCs are typically a good bang for your buck. Most of their 42" HD LCDs offer 120Hz clear motion picture viewing which really is a different kind of viewing experience.

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