Question by  Lee67 (43)

Are gum shields necessary for sports?


Answer by  jupiterfox (328)

Gum shields are very neccessary for sports.They provide protection for teeth and jaws. Sometimes, gumshields can't always protect injuries but not wearing them at all can lead to crtical injury.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

Gum shields are necessary for contact sports where the athlete needs to protect their teeth. Football players often have gum shields on a small strip attached to the face mask to help protect them from having teeth knocked out in violent contact that goes on in the game. It is a good protection.


Answer by  swnsn45 (30)

Yes gum shields are necessary in sports. This protects the athletes teeth against objects as well as other body parts from their opponants. Such as: hands, elbows, and feet.


Answer by  joedashow (9)

Gum shields are not always required, but even when they are not, it is a good idea to wear one. They protect you from concussions and chipped teeth.


Answer by  CP (232)

Not usually, it just depends some players wear them for one reason or another but by no means are they necessary.

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